All your P2P-Investments in one place

Your P2P-Investment helper

Peercasso is a computer application that logs into your P2P investment accounts and collects all of your account data, which are then turned into a structured overview.

This means you can easily see how much funds are invested on every plattform and what your net-returns are.

While you could perform this process manually, it is tedious and error-prone, especially once you are signed up on 5 or more investment platforms.

The following platforms are currently supported: Bulkestate, EstateGuru, FastInvest, Mintos, Peerberry, Swaper, Twino, Viainvest, Viventor.

Historical and current charts

Helpful charts allow you to quickly determine the historical development of your interest revenues, account values and uninvested cash.

See which platforms are performing well and how your capital is allocated.

Auto Investor

Keeping track of all your auto-investor settings across platforms can be tedious. Peercasso shows you all the important information in a concise table.

The wrong auto-investor settings can reduce your overall returns, so let Peercasso help you stay in control.


Your P2P-platform credentials are only stored on your computer. They are never sent to our servers.

Therefore, using Peercasso is perfectly safe and there’s no risk of stolen credentials.


Peercasso is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or premium features.

So go ahead and install it right now to benefit from all its features.


Regularly updated

Peercasso will automatically download and install updates, so it is always up-to-date and compatible with all the important P2P investment platforms.