To add a Bondora account to Peercasso, you need a Bondora API-token. This token will grant Peercasso access to your Bondora data. To request the API-token you need to follow these steps:

(Note: If you have previously requested the API-token and just want to refresh it, you can skip directly to step 5)

  1. Go to:
  2. Login with your Bondora credentials.
  3. Once logged in, go to:
  4. Fill in the form as follows and click on “Create Application”:
    Application Name: peercasso
    Homepage URL:
    Application Description: peercasso client
    Authorization callback:
  1. Now go to: (if you didn’t get redirected there automatically)
  2. There should be a table on this page (as in the following picture) with a “peercasso”-entry. If not, wait a few seconds and refresh the page.
  1. Click the orange button “Generate non-expiring token” and confirm the dialog (“Are you sure?”) with “Ok”
  2. Now the API-token will be displayed. In this example it is the character string that starts with “NDQm” (highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot).
  1. Create a new Bondora-account in Peercasso and copy the API-token to the corresponding input text-field.

Important: The API-token has to be kept confidential, as it grants far-ranging access to your Bondora account.